Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rename my blog at Blogkeen?

In the menu, select Account, then my blog. If you have taken control over your blog, you can rename it under the tab "Settings"

How do I update my blog thumbnail?

Navigate to my blog page under "Account", in the settings tab there is an "update thumbnail" button.

How can I see statistics on visitors to my blog?

Navigate to my blog page under Account in the menu, if you have taken control over your blog, you can select "Statistics" in the tabs to the right, keep in mind that the code you paste on your blog must be right for the statistics to work.

How do I change the category on my blog?

In the "Settings" tab on My Account page, select a new category and save.

How often do you crawl my blog here?

We will index all blogs at least once per day, for the most part much more often.

I can not find my blog

If you can not find your blog here on Blogkeen, it may be because your blog has no RSS, which is necessary for us to be able to read posts from your blog. If you have RSS on your blog and still can not find your blog so it may be that the RSS is broken. Contact us here so we can try to help.

How do I control my blog here at Blogkeen?

In the search box, type your blog address, when you find the blog click on the "Edit" button under the thumbnail. Now you will get an HTML code to paste into your blog for us to verify that you are the owner.

Pictures are not shown in my blog on Blogkeen

We read the blog posts from the blog RSS feed. Some blog sites does not show full posts in RSS feed. It's often possible change this.